Appassimento Casa Vinironia - Veneto 75cl

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The Vintage


The Wine

Produced in the Veneto using the 'appassimento' method used in the production of Amarone wines, the geographic patchwork of grapes involved here is Negroamaro (50), Merlot (20), Primitivo (20) and Malvasia nera (10),. The grapes are left longer on the vine than is usual for 'standard' table wines to elevate and concentrate the levels of natural sugars and they then undergo a period of natural drying so that they become 'uve passite'. .grapes on their way to being raisins. The resultant wine is concentrated, enormously fruity with a pleasingly strong backbone of tannins and acidity at a pleasing level, just right to balance the rich, plummy fruit flavours here present.

The Taste

The full bodied palate has heady notes of black fruits, spice and chocolate with a perfect balance between soft tannins and acidity which all lead into a long and fruit forward finish.

Food Match

Can be paired with particular foods as veal or game birds, while the sweetness can work with blue cheeses or blackberry or raspberry tarts or enjoyed on its own.


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