Asbach Brandy Aged 21 Years 70cl

Product Code: 2320

In 1892 Hugo Asbach founded Asbach & Company and defined the principals for producing the Asbach brands followed to this very day: strict quality standards, perfection, diligence and lots of time for maturing. Asbach Selection is the connoisseur speciality of the house of Asbach, surpassing even the best XO qualities. Only carefully selected distillates mature for at least 21 years in oak barrels. From these distillates, a precious cuvée is blended. Asbach Selection is the proud result of traditional craftsmanship, exemplary wine expertise and a masterful knowledge of distillation. Its colour is Mahogany and its Nose a blend of spices, wood, caramel and nuts, coffee, chocolate and lime with a slight floral note. The Palate has Roast aromas, clear coffee notes and a trace of toffee whilst the finish is Noble and very persistent, comprehensive maturation notes and coaxing warmth.

Strength (ABV) - 40%

Size- 70cl

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