Torres Vina Sol 75cl

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The Vintage

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The Wine

“During the early 1960s, after completing my viticulture and genology studies in France, I wanted to put into practice what I had learned in Dijon. At a small winery in Pontons, a mountainous area where the nights are very cold, I first fermented grapes at a low temperature to obtain a fresher and more aromatic white wine. This fortunate discovery provided the basis for what is now Viña Sol, which we continue to make with utmost care to this day, half a century later.” M. A. Torres.

The Taste

Pale raspberry pink colour. Fragrant and sensual, with notes of red fruit (redcurrant). The palate is firm, silky and warm, culminating in a lovely spicy (pink peppercorn) finish.

Food Match

Excellent as an aperitif or served with rice dishes, seafood or fish


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