Barti Ddu Spiced Rum 70cl

Product Code: 5406

Barti Ddu Spiced Seaweed Rum Spirit is a great alcohol present for any who like a bit of history with there spiced rum. Hailing from Pembrokeshire, Wales this blended Caribbean Rum Spirit has added botanicals such a Laver Seaweed which adds length and depth so this already delightful Rum. This Spiced Rum Spirit is arguably one of the best rums to recent enter the market, making this a great bottle of Rum for a present for any occasion. Named in honour of the notorious Welsh pirate 'Black Bart', or 'Barti Dhu', this is made from a blend of Caribbean rums seasoned with vanilla, clove, orange and laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast. Serve this Welsh rum over ice, or try it with ginger beer and a slice of orange. Originally employed by His Majesty's Navy, John Roberts fell in with the pirate captain who raided his ship and eventually went on to succeed that man as captain. Known as Bharti Ddu, by then, Roberts was the first to fly the Jolly Roger flag and became famed for his elaborate garments, which influenced the way pirates have been portrayed ever since. It was said that Bharti Ddu would never go into battle without the accompanying sound of violins to spur him on.


Strength (ABV) - 35%

Size- 70cl