Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva

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The Wine

Since it was founded, Marqués de Cáceres has had a guaranteed supply of grapes in privileged areas of high-quality vineyards, principally located in areas of the Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa sub-regions, and particularly in the town of Cenicero where the winery is situated. Our technical teams are responsible for monitoring and supervising the vine growing tasks with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of the fruit harvested each year. Intense, dark cherry-red colour. Complex bouquet that reveals a splendid balance of mature fruit and a delicate touch of spice (vanilla, refined leather) from the French oak.

The Taste

Nice body in the mouth where mature tannins delight with fresh, lively notes to give a silky fullness. Long-lasting flavours and superb potential for ageing. sensations of fleshy, crystallised fruit that highlights a pleasant fullness in which the slightly toasted notes from the wood are perfectly integrated. A very elegant wine.

Food Match

Many pork dishes especially cooked Spanish style with beans. Chorizo, Black pudding are both good pairings for riojas as are ham and Meatballs. Red Riojas a good match for more robust tapas. Rioja wines will pair perfectly with any food served them with — be it Spanish, Mediterranean, fusion or international dishes.


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